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Just a beautiful man…
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youhadtokilltheconversation asked: Hiya! I've been a fan of Ant and Dec ever since I was little, watching SMTV live and all!! Although I've grown up with them and they feel like uncles to me, I've never been part of the "fandom" (I just fangirl alone and that's no fun) and was wondering if you could recommend a few blogs so I could build up my dash with the boys? Thanks :D

Hey! There a quite a few blogs that are Ant and Dec related…

There’s me, of course…






There are loads more Ant and Dec related blogs too, just takes to long too tag them all ;-)

Hope this helps! x

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Rest In Peace Kayleigh, heaven has gained a beautiful, young and talented angel, we send our love and thoughts to your family. We will miss you and we will definitely not forget you, sleep well gorgeous.

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No Dec, no leaning in for kisses on camera ;-)
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Every move this man does is too cute.
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